Speaking – PART 3 – Native speaker response



A. Show off your skills.


Part 3 is your chance to really show them what you can do! This is your opportunity to show them you are a real thinking human being with interesting thoughts, a phenomenal vocabulary and an understanding of the most complex of grammatical structures. This is your time to shine.

Watch Hannah’s response to questions on the topic of “Competition” and see what you can take from it.


B. Analysis of a native speaker’s response


Think about collocations (words which are used together frequently)

push yourself further
better yourself

set the limit
reach the limit

feel low
feel unhappy

quite insecure
low self-esteem

cut-throat environment
“catty” environment

Think about longer fixed phrases and idiomatic expressions

As you can imagine
As I said before
I’m not so sure…I mean….
When I was growing up
As an adult
Generally, I think…..
I saw quite a few tears and fights

Use the zero conditional to talk about things you are certain of

  • It helps you to push yourself further if there’s someone to set the limit and you try to reach that limit.

What is the zero conditional?


Use the 1st conditional to speculate about realistic situations

  • If you are quite insecure, it could make you feel worse about yourself.
  • If you have low self-esteem and someone else is doing better than you….then rather than reaching for that limit you might regress and not want to compete at all…..

What is the 1st conditional?


Use the 2nd conditional to speculate about hypothetical situations

  • If I were in school now, I think I’d be using interactive whiteboards.
  • You would never really improve yourself if you were just on your own.

What is the 2nd conditional?